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It all started when I went to take the optitude test. It marked the start of something new. It marked the start of the fiercer, stronger, better me. It also marked the start of clearing the Abmigation name. But it also marked the start of suspicion, anger, and jealousy. It marked the start of secret meetings. It marked the start of danger. It marked the start of war. But it also marked the start of divergence.

     I kept this review confusing and poetic like because I want you to find out what happens. I want you to go out and read this book. Maybe you can just infer what happens in the story by the review I wrote but I would highly recommend reading this book. It displays courage, selflessness, and creativity.


The 5th Wave

One day, the Sci-Fi stories came true. NASA picked up signs of alien life roaming the atmosphere near Earth and geared up for a warm welcome. However, the alien's arrival went the opposite as expected. Instead the arrival was the marking of the human apocalypse, one wave at a time. First they shut down the power systems on the whole Earth. Not only the lights, but the cars, the machines, and anything that needed a power source. Then it was major tsunami. Next came a disease that bled it's victims from inside, out. Fourth came the aliens inhabiting human bodies and shooting the survivors. Last but not least, the aliens rounded up children, made them believe the camp they were in was for rescue and military training, then sent the children who held the most grudges against alien race into battle, not against aliens, but actually fellow survivors that weren't in the camp. Everybody fell for the trick, except for a select group: Cassie Sullivan, Sam Sullivan, Ben "Zo…