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The War That Saved My Life

Ada is a cripple trying to escape her mam's cruel grasp during World War II in London. When her brother is sent to the country to be safe, Ada takes her chance and jumps on the train with her brother Jamie. Together they embark on a journey to find freedom and love. Soon, the siblings' happily ever after takes a sour turn. Will nineteen shillings be all it takes to stand in the way of a happy family?

     This is a historical fiction book. It is a "page turner" and will surely keep you reading no matter your genre preferences.

My Brother Sam Is Dead

This story takes place during the Revolutionary War. Timothy's family were tories which means that they supported King George III taxing the colonists but Tim's brother Sam hated the taxes. He was a patriot and decided to join the colonists army. After coming back to visit his home, he was tied up in a stealing incident. Can Tim save his brother?

     This is a famous historical fiction book. You can tell from the title that this book is laced with tradegy but nevertheless, this book is very good. You'll probably end up reading it in school.