Life At Howarts 1

   I have decided to get my creative juices out by starting a Harry Potter based series about...(boisterious drumroll)YOU. I have always enjoyed writing in my free time so here's my first story in a looooooooooooong time!

     It's been an exciting (and definitely tastey) night. The day had started out bleak as you dreamed of how life would be like IF you were a wizard, IF you were attending Hogwarts, IF wizardry existed. All of a sudden you heard a very annoying bird pecking at our window.
     "Shoo!" you said, not looking up from your Harry Potter book. Harry Potter was your life! An annoying owl would never stop you from simply enjoying a book. As the minutes dragged on though, you found the bird (or whatever it was) was quiet distracting. But still, you wouldn't take your eyes off the book. Finally, the owlbegan screeching iy's head off. You were afraid it would give away your early morning reading time so you looked up. And it was an owl. A very naughty one too. You reluctantly put your book down and rushed toward the window, opening to try to through off the bird's balance. It just screeched even louder. You weren't giving up though. You opened and closed the window numerous times. The bird's head lolled backwards and his (or perhaps I should say it's) eyes rolled into it's head. Then it puked some disgusting stuff that I shall not discribe,on YOU just as you began closing the window again. It dropped from the windowsill but managed to drop a curious crumpled piece of parchment at your feet. You stared at it.
     Must be a little scrap, you hoped, chills running down your spine. But how could it be so well decorated from the bow to the small peppermint patty? You gasped as you opened the parchment. Hogwarts was real! And you were invited to attend.
     You were still in awe as you sat in the very cafeteria of Hogwarts gobbling up scrumptious delicasies. Then the old, crumpled up sorting hat was brought out and all the delicious food swimming in your stomach (not to mention that delicous lava cake) all began coming out. You managed a weak gasp. The worst part of all was being sorted.


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