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Fish in a Tree

Ally is having trouble in school; everything she does leads to a trip to the principal's office, everywhere she goes, she makes a scene, and every time she reads, the letters swim throughout the page. Dig deep into Ally's shoes as she tries to get through a new year of school. With Mr. Daniels as her ally, she learns how to deal with her "learning differences" and defeats her bully Shay.
     I would highly recommend this book because it represents the human willpower to push through hardships and find a "happily ever after".


Together Art and Myrtle face the unknown after their home Larklight has been invaded. Soon they come to realize that a powerful force is preparing to take over the aether. Now they must race to save mankind.       I would highly recommend this book because it is written in two perspectives and includes a bit of humor.  Books in the trilogy: 1. Larklight 2.Starcross 3. Mothstorm

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

Albus Severus Potter was born into a lion family, each had attended Hogwarts and went to the Gryffindor house. However, he was the complete opposite. It all began when he rode the Hogwarts Express with an unlikely boy: Scorpion Malfoy. Soon they became aquainted. Then the Sorting Hat sorted him into Slytherin. As the years passed, Harry Potter tried to strengthen his rickety relationship with his youngest son but did quite the opposite. Soon Albus and Severus embark on a (literally) time changing adventure. Because of this decision, they risked bringing a villainous character back. Together, (with their parents) they save the known wizarding world.
     I would highly recommend this book because it is ACTUALLY by J.K Rowling and is the eighth book to the Harry Potter series.