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Warriors: Dangerous Path

It's time to rebuild, time to regain an old lifestyle. Nobody expected the unexpected. Our enemy hid in the dark and waited to strike at the perfect time. Unfortunately peril was in many of the cat's destinies.  Fortunately, through the shock and sorrow came triumph and safety.
I would highly recommend this book because it is unpredictable unlike most books.

Dork Diaries: The Not-So-Perfect-Pet-Sitter

Finally MaKenzie has transferred to a different school! Nikki assumes the drama is over for good. But she underestimated MaKenzie. She is back in her life making every situation embarrassing. And on the other hand, she has to care for naughty puppies. Nikki had quiet a lot on her plate but there was still one more thing she had to deal with: her clueless little sister Brianna. Can she pull it together  before it's too late?      I would recommend this book because it includes hilariously embarrassing situations and emotions that you can relate too. It also introduces a new series main character by Reenee Russel.