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Pete's Dragon

I'm on my way home from the movie: Pete's Dragon so I've decided to write a review on it. I'm going to rate it with the five star scale, review it briefly and write down the best theaters to go see it at  near my home.

Five Star Rating:
5 stars

    There was an orphan named Pete who lived with a dragon. Together life was happy-well, all until the a mill worker spotted the dragon and decided to hunt what he thought to be a "ferocious monster" that could be unpredictably murderous. But then there was a woman. She was a naturalist and she fought for the woods with all her heart. Together, united as one team, they proved what nobody expected.
     Now I'm going to stop there. Now you know the movie has a happy ending but I left much of the details out for you to find out. If this movie appeals to you, go ahead and check out when it plays at your local theater! Or take a peak at the local theaters playing Pete's Dragon below!

Marcus Majestic Cinema- B…