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Reality of a Reader- Emoji Emotions!

There are lots of things that happen to book enthusiasts. There are lots of good things that could happen but lots of bad things too.
      Quinn carefully and quietly tiptoed downstairs to fetch her favorite book: Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. She had read it quite a lot of times. At first she counted how many times she finished it but it got hard to remember the number the more times she read it. Maybe fifty, maybe a hundred. She had the shole book memorized. Quinn 🙂 at the thought of having the book memorized. Then she heard soft footsteps. It was her mother. She quickly put down her book and 😃 like an 😇.
     "What are you doing down her at five in the morning?! Get back to bed!" Quinn rolled her 🙄.  She lollygagged part way up the stairs until her mother was back in bed. Then she once again quietly tiptoed downstairs this time not hesitating to grab her book. With a soft swipe the book took off with Quinn.
     Quinn read the 📖. Once again she 😱 when …