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The Empty City Reflection

Today I thought that Lucky was actually going to find Sweet. Today I wished that Lucky actually wanted to be a pack dog. I also wished that the book was from Sweet's perspective the whole time. Why? Because Sweet is the type of spontaneous dog and it would be fun to read about her buzzing thoughts. On contrary, Lucky is a hesitant dog that doesn't want to leave her pulverized city. Why does she think that she can live in a city that is virtually dead?! I think Erin Hunter purposely created a contrast between Lucky and Sweet. I think she did that so she could show two different opinions, ways to solve problems, strategies to attack, etc. Well that concludes this reflection. I never thought I would be sitting here practicing my reflection skills.

What's On My Bookshelf Now 3

From now on I'm only going to tell you guys about finished and new book.

1. Survivors: The Empty City
This is the perfect series for dog lovers to read. If you are a sensitive to a dog's struggle, I'm sorry. You'll probably want to read something less dangerous. For those of you who have decided to proceed, you will discover that this book is thrilling, spontaneous and well splendid! Go ahead and look for it in your local library. If it's not there go ahead and try out some other series by Erin Hunter like Warriors. Or maybe Seekers.