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Do You Prefer Fantasy or Realistic Fiction Quiz

1.  Think about the last time you read a biography on someone who was/is currently popular. Did you enjoy it or were you just trying to collect some facts?
A. I enjoyed the book!
B. A ton of people were talking about the person and I didn't want to be caught by my friend not knowing anything about him/her so I read the book.

2. Can you imagine what it would be like to be an evil sorcerer riding on a black dragon, trying to take over all the kingdoms in some fairytale land?
A. Not in a billion years.
B. Definitely!

3. If you were pestered to read realistic fiction, what would your reaction be?
A. Definitely! Of course!
B. Nah, maybe later......

If you answered mostly/all As, you love realistic fiction.

If you answered mostly/all Bs, you love fantasy.