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The Gingerbread Girl

This playful book by Lisa Campbell Ernst is the same as the Gingerbread Boy's story- except with a little twist at the end. There is also sequel to The Gingerbread Girl.
     If your child disliked how The Gingerbread Boy ended, this is the perfect book for your child.

Waiting Entertainment

If you are a Riordan lover and are waiting for the next book in the Magnus Chase trilogy, you may enjoy these other reads.

1. Keeper of the Lost Cities   by: Shannon Messenger

2. The Land of Stories   by: Chris Colfer

3. Yellow Star   by: Jennifer Rozines Roy

4. kira-kira   by: Cynthia Kadohata

5. Small Steps: The Year I Got Polio   by: Peg Kehret

Magnus Chase and the Asgard Gods: The Sword of Summer (book 1)

Finally, after a while of reading I have finished book one of this splendid trilogy. Now onto the book review!
Magnus Chase was stripped of everything he owned. His mother, his home, his life. One day he was given the chance of redemption. Along with the chance of redemption came the horrors of learning. After leaving his home of redemption he learned even more things which led to a trigger of other things that finally led up to a bloody battle. All I will tell you is it was a long, long ordeal.
     I would recommend this to Riordan fans although they have probably all read it.