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Heroes of Olympus Trivia! (In honor of my friend, Anouksha who isn't dead.)

1. What is the name of the son of Jupiter?

2. Who is the character that has Chase as a last name?

3.Who is Percy's biological dad in Roman?

4. Did Percy date Rachael Elizabeth Dare (RED) or Annabeth Chase (AC)?

5. Is Tartarus actually a God?

Links to Popular Childrens' Author's Website(s)

My Favorite Chicken Smoothie Pets

10. Selena Paw Wize- Cat

9. Plume Teal- Dog

8. Viviana Gem-Horse

7.Lady Gem-Horse

6. Gemini Gem-Horse

5. Scarlet Pirp-Critter

4. Sumi Yu-Cat

3. Reena Twinkle-Butterfly Wolf

2. Biana Twinkle-Butterfly Wolf

1. Aluveterre Twinkle

Readers' Dilema

    You're at the library and looking for a good book to read because you've finished the series that you wished had an infinity number of books. You have absolutely no idea where to start searching so you just wander through the aisles looking for books that catch your eye. Apparently that strategy never works but you use it anyways because what else can you do? After all, the librarian's recommendations aren't the types of books you would read.

     Try another book by the same author or do some research on what your favorite author is working on writing.