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Cubetra, the Unicorn

I found another cute image on the Internet.

Kira the Unicorn

I found this cute unicorn online and wanted to share it to you.

Hoot by: Carl Hiaasen

I haven't written much reviews on realistic fiction chapter books so I'm going to do a review on the realistic fiction chapter book, Hoot. Although I've only read a few pages of this book before becoming uninterested the back of the book provides lots of information.
     Roy Eberhardt's family was always moving but finally settled in Florida. As usual, he became the victim of bullies. One day, on the school bus that took him to school a bully, Dana Matherson pressed Roy's face to the window he was sitting next to and Roy spotted a peculiar scene: A boy was running away from the school bus barefoot with no backpack. Soon, Roy was on the hunt for the boy.......