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ISW-Bored! Rambling on Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen

I'm bored (My brother is napping and so is my mom and I still cannot sit and read for three hours straight.) so I'm going to ramble about Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen.
     I'm on the part where Sophie is summarizing what happened when Mr. Forkle, Keefe and Sophie tried to interrogate with Gethen, a member of the Neverseen in captivity. I should read on to find something to ramble about that is more interesting but I'll tell you what happened before and during the risky visit to Gethen: Before the trio of Black Swan members left for the spot where Gethen was being held captive, they put on costumes to make them look like the Neverseen. Gethen wasn't fooled though but luckily, his chains or whatever the Black Swan used to secure Gethen held him back from attacking once he showed that he wasn't fooled by Keefe's mimicking and the staged rescue. Before the trio left, Gethen said that Keefe had picked the wrong side and once Keefe realized what his …

ISW- Chicken Smoothie

Yeah, the name is quirky and I don't know the reason why they named their digital pet adoption site Chicken Smoothie despite being a COPPA protected user for a year but never judge a book by its cover. Chicken Smoothie is really fun! You get to adopt cute pets and watch them grow! Some have PPS which is Peter Pan Syndrome (the pet stays a child when they have PPS) so you need to check your pets profile if they haven't been growing since you adopted them. Some just take a long time to grow.
     On holidays like Easter and St. Patrick's Day you can adopt holiday themed pets. You can also get eggs and items that you can use to decorate your pet. The good thing is is that St. Patrick's Day starts before it actually happens and ends after the day so you have lots of time to adopt pets. For Easter you can find eggs used to decorate pets if you scroll to the bottom of the page. On all holidays that Chicken Smoothie celebrates you should keep checking the page because mo…

Rainbow Magic Rambling (fit for children 6-7)

This series is a series that is fit for kids six-seven. Well, some eight year olds might be interested but most girls grow out of fairy books by the age of eight.       This series is by Daisy Meadows. I used to read Rainbow Magic and now my first grade friend, Adelle who stays at my house after school is reading it.       Rainbow Magic is about two girls named Kirsty and Rachael who have a relationship with this fairy kingdom. In the kingdom are different themed groups of fairies. Just a warning but the series consist of chapter books and not many pictures in them so you might want to read it to your child if they cannot read one page of the book without making at least three mistakes. Nevertheless, it is a great series. Enjoy!

ISW-Me In a Nutshell

1. As you can probably tell from the slogan I'm still attending elementary school.

2. My nationality is Chinese.

3. I'm a reading nerd, bit of a math nerd, play piano (I'm not a beginner), do gymnastics and of course: I blog.