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My Favorite Mystery Series!

I haven't written a book review for a mystery series so I'm going to do that now!      My favorite mystery series is Nancy Drew. There are tons of Nancy Drew series but I have some favorites. I don't know the exact name of them but one of them is the old version of Nancy Drew and the other version is the one with Nancy Drew as a teenager. Below is two short book reviews on both series. Teenage Nancy Drew:      In this series Nancy solves more modern but still serious cases. I'm not sure about this but this series is made up of trilogies of books that revolve around the same theme. I would recommend that you read the modeling trilogy. 
Older Version of Nancy Drew:      This mystery series has cases that police wouldn't solve. Nevertheless, they are still filled with danger. Although the series is a bit romantic because Nancy is eighteen there aren't chapters about dates or kissing. Enjoy the peculiar mysteries that Nancy solves!