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Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze (book 3)

Silveny, the alicorn that Sophie found was acting strange. Soon, Sophie found out what was making Silveny act strange (A tracker made of a mineral that ogres mined. ) and went to a great length to protect Silveny. However, Sophie couldn't ignore the disturbing and awakening information (The ogres could be allied with the actual rebels.) and decided to take matters into her own hands. As usual she got caught up in a hot mess. This time her punishment was worst than the rest-her powers got restricted. If anyone tried to unrestrict her power they would get in humongous trouble. Can Sophie get herself out of yet another gigantic mess? You'll find out if you read the book.
     I would recommend this book/series to somebody who likes fantasy.

Keeper of the Lost Cities Exile (book 2)

I don't recall the second book of the series very well but I personally feel that the plot was smaller than any of the other books of the series that I have read. Nevertheless, I'm going to write a review on this book.
     Sophie had gathered enough information to know that she was literally created by a group called the Black Swan that was perceived as evil but was actually illusive and that there was an actual group of rebels that the Black Swan were battling. It was just a matter of getting more information and if the   Black Swan was good then come together as allies to fight the actual rebels. Could Sophie get more information and fight the rebels without getting stuck in the middle of a mess? Read the second book to find out!
     I would recommend this book/series to anyone who likes action packed fantasy that isn't as extreme as Harry Potter.