Larklight Rambling

     It's a realm where spiders have a sharp sense of style, a universe where flying pigs eat air, a world where everything is from the past, yet also from the future. Can you guess? It's Larklight! (And it's also my guided reading book.) 
     Larklight is a good yet bizarre book. So far I've learned all of the character's traits.  It seems the author is hinting that the exposition of this story is rather mundane/bland and the father is waiting for the right excuse to leave and embark on an adventure. "Art" or Arthur lacks manners and is often shunned by his prim and proper sister Myrtle who is often aggitated by his lack of detail applied to things he does. Myrtle is of course, prim and proper. She spends her days immersed in fashion magazines and British gossip. This book is overall good but a bit confusing.


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