What's On My Bookshelf 2

1. Warrior Cats: Into the Wild
     I have started a series called Warrior Cats. It's very engrossing. Here's a brief review: Firepaw was formerly the kittypet Rusty. Now he has become a Warrior Cat but is struggling to fight off his sympathy that comes from his old kittypet life. Will his weakness be able to take away from him? Or can he turn his weakness into an advantage?

2. Left Behind: Second Chance
     These rebellious teens are given a second chance at being reunited with the one of grace. But will they accept this gift of grace? Or will they turn it way? What will they do with the rest of their lives? What is there to do when all that needs to be done is mourn and hate? 

3. The Land of Stories: Beyond the Kingdoms
Click the link for the brief review: What's On My Bookshelf #1


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