ISW- Chicken Smoothie

     Yeah, the name is quirky and I don't know the reason why they named their digital pet adoption site Chicken Smoothie despite being a COPPA protected user for a year but never judge a book by its cover. Chicken Smoothie is really fun! You get to adopt cute pets and watch them grow! Some have PPS which is Peter Pan Syndrome (the pet stays a child when they have PPS) so you need to check your pets profile if they haven't been growing since you adopted them. Some just take a long time to grow.
     On holidays like Easter and St. Patrick's Day you can adopt holiday themed pets. You can also get eggs and items that you can use to decorate your pet. The good thing is is that St. Patrick's Day starts before it actually happens and ends after the day so you have lots of time to adopt pets. For Easter you can find eggs used to decorate pets if you scroll to the bottom of the page. On all holidays that Chicken Smoothie celebrates you should keep checking the page because more pets will come in.
     Go to to open up an account!


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