ISW-Bored! Rambling on Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen

     I'm bored (My brother is napping and so is my mom and I still cannot sit and read for three hours straight.) so I'm going to ramble about Keeper of the Lost Cities Neverseen.
     I'm on the part where Sophie is summarizing what happened when Mr. Forkle, Keefe and Sophie tried to interrogate with Gethen, a member of the Neverseen in captivity. I should read on to find something to ramble about that is more interesting but I'll tell you what happened before and during the risky visit to Gethen: Before the trio of Black Swan members left for the spot where Gethen was being held captive, they put on costumes to make them look like the Neverseen. Gethen wasn't fooled though but luckily, his chains or whatever the Black Swan used to secure Gethen held him back from attacking once he showed that he wasn't fooled by Keefe's mimicking and the staged rescue. Before the trio left, Gethen said that Keefe had picked the wrong side and once Keefe realized what his mother invisioned of what Keefe would become it would be too late. That part of the visit was really saddening for Keefe. I wonder if Keefe will slip back into the depression that he was in when Sophie told Keefe that his mother might've died.


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