How to Find the Perfect Wallpaper for Your iPad, iPhone, iPod etc.

     The truly perfect wallpapers for your device aren't from the Wallpaper section of settings. They're from the internet. Below are the simple steps for finding the perfect wallpaper:

1. Type in cool wallpapers in the search bar.

2. If your device is from the company, Apple and you've updated it you should see some buttons that are different shades of blue. They will be labeled. Either they will have links to things that are similar to what you searched for or they will have more specific links. If you swipe your to the left more buttons will appear. In this case you will see options that say iPhone 5 and iPad other fad things. Ignore those only if you have an iPad and choose your perfect wallpaper. If you have an iPhone or iPod, proceed to clicking the iPhone button. iPod carriers, click the iPhone button because there is no iPod button. Other device carriers who don't own a device made by Apple, search more specificly on what wallpaper you would like because as far as I know, people that don't have Apple devices don't have the buttons.



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