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Off Balance Book Review

Off Balance is about a famous gymnast's life, Dominique Moceanu who seemed to have a good  childhood and the best coaches on the outside. But on the other side childhood was very hard for her.  Dominique's parents had Romanian backgrounds in the time when Romania was under the control of a king who used communism for his advantages, Tata, her father was the "king" of the house. He tried to control Dominique the way he controlled her mother and he also had a humongous temper which only made things worse. Sometimes Tata would threaten or physically hurt someone because he was so angry! And on the other hand Bela and Marta Karolyi, her coaches, were also from Romanian  backgrounds, Dominique's famous coaches acted loving and supportive to their gymnasts when the cameras were rolling but they would bully and stress their gymnasts when the cameras were off! Her parents didn't have the courage to stand up to Bela and Marta because they were afraid her coaches would…