The Throne of Fire

It's another typical day for the Kanes. They have 5 days left to save the world until the equinox and when Apophis swallows the sun. In order to rebalance Chaos and the Ma'at, they must awaken Ra who was Apophis's arch enemy. Unfortunately, Ra was not in his right mind and he ate the only thing that would bring him back to normal. Then, Michel Disjardens gave up his life to execrate Apophis which won't be permanent. Seems like Carter and Sadie only got the temporary happy ending. Only with the Kanes can disaster not ever cease to strike.

The Red Pyramid

As if Sadie and Carter's lives couldn't get more out of wack, one day their father was at a British Museum and he caused an explosion. From there, their uncle Amos took them in and explained that they were magicians. Next, they discovered that Set was out to destroy the world. How could life get any busier?

Happy Father's Day!

Thank you to all the fathers in the world. Dead, alive, or fictional. You have been there every step of the way to aid us and prepare us for the future! You have picked us up when we stumble, kept our dreams alive, cheered us on and been one of our greatest patriots! (I don't discredit youmom but this is dad's day.) Thanks again. Happy Father's Day!!!!!!!!

Twilight: Breaking Dawn

Bella survied her pregnancy but came out as a vampire. Finally Edward gets his forever he wanted with Bella but iratible Irina spots the baby and assumes she is immortal which is against the law. She reports it to the Volturi and they come to attack. I will leave the next details vague because if you are a future reader, I don't want to give spoilers. 👍🏻

Twilight: Eclipse

Edward and Bella get married. After, they go on their honeymoon to an island called Isle Esme. Strange things were happening though. Bella became more emotional and she was eating double her normal servings. One day she started puking and the truth hit her hard: she was pregnant. And the baby was growing fast. It would only be a few weeks until she gave birth and it would be a death senetence with a vampire breed growing like lightning in her weak human belly. Her body didn't react to anything that the Cullens gave her and as each day advanced, she became weaker and weaker. One day they fed her some blood and she slowly progressed. One day, Bella dropped her cup of blood and went to pick it up but she broke her pelvis and her baby began suffocating. Will Bella die? The only way to find out is if you read the book.

Twilight: New Moon

In this breathtaking story, Edward leaves Bella in hopes of letting her have a normal life. Their bonds are too strong though and they can't live without each other. While he was away, the danger magnet girl met a boy from the local reservation called Jacob. They became friends but Edwards life was on the line so Bella had to leave to save him. Putting herself  in a double relationship with a werewolf and a vampire was never a good idea. Now she is facing a dilemma that may cost her her life.


Bella Swan moves to the lonely (and rainy) town of Forks to live with her dad. There she meets Edward Cullen and they fall in love. The big secret is that Edward is a vampire. He has incredible strength, immortality, and thirst for blood. One day, he saves Bella from an accident in the parking lot. Because he intervened, he played with fate, and he won. Now they must stay together so Bella wouldn't die. How many close calls can she take before fate wins?      I'm assuming most of you have watched the movies but if you haven't, you must read this book. It is so dramatic and suspenseful without being inappropriate.